Below are pictures of his recent half scale T.rex sculpture. These pictures were taken in his Upland, California warehouse studio. Compare these pictures to the ones taken in England during installation. Even though the pictures are of the same sculpture, they have a completely different look because of the drastically different surroundings. To see the English Installation pictures click on the English Corporate T.rex page link.

Tyrannosaurus Rex built by

Larry Williams Studio.

Now mounted in Pigott Shaft and Drilling Company in Preston England.

It is entirely welded sheet,pipe and tube steel.

12 feet tall.

A second view

of the T.rex.




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A third view,

Built at Larry Williams Studio in Upland, California for Pigott Shaft and Drilling Co. Building in Preston, England.

Larry Williams stands next to the steel skeleton he built to reveal its awesome stature.


See more pictures of Larry's public sculpture at the Large Dinosaur Installation Page. The The Artist At Work Page,or the English Corporate T.rex page link.


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