Where to view Larry's work...

Larry Williams's work is at many museums and public spaces, in addition to private collections.



Clients and Work Locations

Some of Larry's most prominent pieces can be found at places like:

Disney World, The Graves Museum, Wyoming Dinosaur Center, The Dinosaur Walk Museum, San Bernadino County Museum and many others.

They are just a few of examples pictured here.


Deinonychus Steel dinosaur skeleton

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Larry's 2002 sculpture will literally tower over you. It is a full sized T-Rex sculpture

constructed as public art for the( now closed)Dinosaur Walk Museum in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

This full sized T.rex done by Larry is now available for sale again , if you have the space.


His recent commissioned sculpture, featured on the

English T-Rex in the Studio or English Corporate T-Rex is now mounted

at the Pigott Shaft and Drilling Co. headquarters in Preston England.


An Allosaurus sculpture is in the center of town near the

Wyoming Dinosaur Center in Thermopolis, Wyoming

Larry installing an allosaurus at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center




Below two sculptures grace Disney World, in Orlando, Florida.

This pair of styracasaurs, photographed in the studio, now found at the entrance of McDonald's at Disney World

Another of Larry steel dinosaur sculptures is in the Disney World VIP lounge


A Steel T.rex graced the outside the former Graves Museum in Dania Florida. The museum closed several years ago but recently This building has been reborn to be a gallery. Larry's sculpture is still a prominent feature of the new gallery in 2014


Detail of the head of the Wyoming Dinosaur Center Allosaurus piece before installation

Detail of the WDC Alosaurus body photographed before installation


The large T.rex skull below resides in Trieste, Italy,

Larry Williams 6ft steel  Trex Skull, now in Trieste, Italy

In the future this would be the page to find out exact locations

of Larry's public installations, so you can see them for yourself.


In the meantime, you can contact Larry personally or go to the linked sites to find out the locations.

e-mail contact paleofire@yahoo.com


Dinosaur Walk Museum T.rex

English Corporate T.rex

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