Here is a sealife detail from a 2010 mural Larry painted. He did a custom paleo-themed mural for a clients' food truck in Mitchell, Oregon.

The mural scene wrapped around the entire truck.

Detail of paleo sealife for a client's food truck. The whole truck had different colorful paleo scenes painted by Larry Williams

Larry's 2009 submission for the Lake County Saddletree competition called

a saddletree reinterpreted by paleoartist Larry Williams to resemble a triceritop scull. This sculpture was done for the Lake County Saddletree competition,

"Saddletree Triceritops" this exhibition has toured various venues in Northern CA during 2010

Larry's LARGEST custom commission to date was a life-sized steel Brachiosaurus skeleton done in 2006.

Steel life-sized brachiosaur by Larry Williams with steel cactus at the Jarupa Mt, Cultural Center

Detail of the life-sized steel Brachiosaurus skeleton with a steel cactus.

Detail of the neck on Larry Williams full sized streel brachiosaur sculpture at the Jarupa Mt, Cultural Center

Steel Brachiosaurus .

The eighty foot sculpture's Grand Unveiling was on October 25, 2006

at the Jurupa Mountains Discovery Center near Riverside, California

The General public may visit the sculpture during normal business hours.

Click on the JMDC link for museum hours and details.

Above is the sculpture at it's unveiling in October 2006.

The picture above demonstrates the massive scale of this large steel brachiosaurus skeleton.

The picture below was part of an article in the LA Times, May 31, 2005, about Larry's LARGEST dinosaur project

The name of the article was "The Cutting and Pounding you hear is a Brachiosaurus in the Making"




Tennessee T.rex

Click on the Images below to see larger pictures of Larry's full sized steel T.rex

Larry Williams completed this sculpture for the museum in the summer of 2002,

A side view of  a lifesizedsize steel T.rex skeleton sculture towers over the Dinosaur Walk Museum Director in 2002.

The 2002 picturre above shows the Director of the Dinosaur Walk Museum stands in front of the commissioned outdoor sculpture.


Larry Williams Tennessee T.rex, Completed in 2002 is a forty foot piece of public art. This sculpture above is a showcase piece for the Dinosaur Walk museum in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The large custom commission is a life-sized steel T.rex sculpture to loom over museum visitors as they enter. It is hard to miss as you drive by the Museum on the busy resort town road.

The pictures above shows the massive size of this public art .


Larry does both larger and smaller works. Although many of his better known works are dinosaur related, he paints and sculpts a variety of creatures. Infusing life observation with historical research, an educated imagination and a welding torch,he makes the steel practically breathe. Larry Williams is a master of steel sculpture.

See more pictures of Larry's public sculpture at the Large Dinosaur Installation Page. The Artist At Work Page,or the English Corporate T.rex

Sculpture locations are listed at the Clients and Work Location page link



To learn more about Larry or his artwork, contact



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You have reached Larry Williams's Paleofire website.

Larry is a world-renowned steel sculptor and paleo artist.


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